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 Uriah Kitsune(Arrancar)

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PostSubject: Uriah Kitsune(Arrancar)   Uriah Kitsune(Arrancar) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2012 9:15 am

Name: Uriah Kitsune

Nickname: Kitz

Age: unknown( Appear 16)

Gender: Male

Weapons: due to his ability over fire hes able to turn his reiatsu into small fire darts.

Number: Fraccion of Segunda #4(Allister Lochette)

Personality: Loyal to his segunda and only his segunda Uriah is protective, though independent he will never give up on his mater/espada, though he shares the role as a fraccion he never speaks to them or anyone at best, he takes the means of sly and ninja like to heart. hes respectful to only his segunda and no one else unless told otherwise. Uriah is smart mouth to those that see they are better then another by rank or skill. he also finds fights to be enjoying and at times quite a good way to relieve stress. hes always calm as normal and never seems to take childish things serious and if he does he can be quite childish.

(Physical Appearance):

(eye color):
he has golden fox like irises that has the thinnest of slits his skin tone is a slight paleness, he stands at a height of 5ft 12in hes normally seen wearing the basic espada clothing with a scarf that wraps around his neck and free falls behind him him to the length of the end of back. his hollow mask is similar to a ninja mask but white ir covers his whole mouth extending to his jaw line, his hair is a snow white that lengthens to the end of his neck and ears falling to the end of his nose and over his eyes. his figure is a slim yet nicely toned stature to fit his ninja like way. His hollow hole is located at the base of his gut where his belly button should be.

Bio: as a menos he fed on others of his kind, after countless feasting he became a Gillion, wondering Hueco Mundo he feated more and more on others of his kinda and menos alike. no matter how much he wanted to stop his hunger grew and grew until it was painful for his feasting to come to a stop. Evolving to Adjuchas he continued feasting to a point were self destruction became in thought to escape such a horrid life, until he came in contact with the Hyogoku(sp) as well as the Segunda #4 who saved him from such a life. he then pledged his loyaqlty to him/her and only him/her he even grew to see his espada as a god in his eyes.


Name: Eterno Fuego

(Sealed Form):
a 6t long katana with a red and black hilt the blade is a stainless steel sheathed in a black sheath that appears to reflect points of red within it the guard his a gray with a small flower engraving within it. the sheath has a ribbon like rope rapped around the top. although the blade seems heavy it is in fact really light making his way with the blade quite easy.

Resurreccion: his hair grows and lengthens to the end if his back and the slit in his eyes turn a fiery red from golden he grows claws from his hands and covering his whole body is similar to that of grimmjow's his mask on his mouth now covers his above face revealing only his lower area (mouth and chin) hes still able to see for the mask seems to have no effect on his vision though with the lack of his eyes being covered most his enemies think its heighten senses. the scarf around his neck becomes the now fox tail that dangles behind him, while in this form his Reiatsu is like fire hot to core, also his speed increases while in this form giving him almost teleportation like sonido as well as his physical capabilities(punches and kicks) have somewhat a boost cutting half the damage he receives in half but once this form is gone he receives the full extent of the aftermath and therefore has to rest

llameante Fuego Demonios(blazing flame demons) unsealed

Bursting in a aray of fire the flames would come to settle around him on the ground, as he holds his hands out the flames would come to rise in his palm forming a jet black blade similar to the katana but now 6ft 1in long the blade is no jet black and has a carving out the middle both sides of the blade is sharp as well. this blade.

call out Phase: burn that which stands in your way! Llameante Fuego Demonios!

Abilities and Techniques:

basic Arrancar skills(cero,bala,sonido, ect)

Flame raid: creates a large number of balas in the form of fire that rains from the sky like rain more denser then a normal flame it has a effect that locks onto the spot of the enemy the moment the attack is set forward(so it hones on the enemy where they stand and falls towards that general area they dont follow) upon falling and coming in contact with anything causes a small explosion yet powerful.

Flame wall: upon striking the ground creates a wall of fire that starts from where he stands and rises upwards and outwards covering a 2 feet radius beginning at him and going outward if cause can cause up to a 2nd degree burns

Sword dance: ability to create multi swords of fire by sending a slash from left to right or right to left that causes a small explosion on impact

Dragon Dance: the ability to raise up to six dragons around his being from the ground and pour into his blade causing the blade to glow a Eminence red as if it was being ignited when slashes the limb and or part of flesh slashes can either reach a 3rd degree burn or cause that area to go limb(immobile) effect were-off upon the enemy resting and healing.

Rank - C
Hoho - 3
Zanjutsu - 4
Reiryoku - 5
Kido - 4
Hakudo - 1
Hankou - 4
Points awarded: 0
Total points: 21

Uriah Kitsune(Arrancar) 4OntbUriah Kitsune(Arrancar) FIP5MUriah Kitsune(Arrancar) ICkIFUriah Kitsune(Arrancar) WFPOcUriah Kitsune(Arrancar) 35cAsUriah Kitsune(Arrancar) X2uf7

click my pokemon and help him hatch Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Uriah Kitsune(Arrancar)   Uriah Kitsune(Arrancar) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2012 11:37 am


I got things to do, and things to see
Might even have to leave you be
But till that time, let’s give our all
And don’t look back, until you fall

Uriah Kitsune(Arrancar) IchiRuki_banner_by_staticEnvy
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Uriah Kitsune(Arrancar)
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