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 Placido Lopez [Fullbringer]

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PostSubject: Placido Lopez [Fullbringer]   Placido Lopez [Fullbringer] Icon_minitimeSat Apr 07, 2012 3:34 pm

Name: Placido Lopez
Nickname: N/A
Age: Twenty-Three
Gender: Male
Weapons: A pair of Mark XIX (.357) Dessert Eagle Handguns

(When 'Brought' Placido's guns fire bullets at 3/4 the speed of a bala, at 3/4th the cost.)


After having spent the first nineteen years of his life being raised in a relatively stable home with a loving, though a bit eccentric, single mother, Placido has turned out quite a bit as one would expect such an individual to turn out; he has become a relatively well-adjusted, adult who always thinks before he acts and analyzes things from numerous angles.

Due to his mother's status as a divorcee, at a young age, Placido decided that he would do his best to provide her no reason to worry about him and took it upon himself to take as many chores and tasks on as he possibly could. Placido's decision to multi-task at a young age provided him with ample opportunities to train his ability to break up a large task into many smaller tasks that, in and of themselves, would be much easier to accomplish, this led to exceptional efficiency on Placido's part and the opportunity to do aforementioned larger tasks in creative and or inventive ways. Placido's talent for singular efficiency led to the belief, on Placido's part, that he could accomplish pretty much any task that was set upon him alone and thus, did not need the assistance of others. As evidenced by his report cards and evaluations through out the stages of his life, this belief has followed Placido since grade school, and though it was not appreciated, for the most part, by many of the associations and facilities it was utilized under, it has proven, for the most part true, which has, in itself, only reinforced Placido's belief that he can accomplish tasks that small groups can accomplish at a rivaling level. Placido's belief in his own abilities has blossomed into a reluctance to work with others on tasks and projects. Placido's ability to break things down into smaller and more easily comprehended portions also extends into his everyday life, and is the main reason why he is so quiet; he spends most of the time in conversations thinking of what would be the most appropriate thing to say next, which usually drags them out for quite a bit of time.

When his mother was in her, emotionally, fragile state some years after her husband's leaving , Placido took it upon himself to make sure that he would give his mother no reason to cry or worry; to be exact, Placido claimed he would "protect her no matter whathb (he bit his tongue at that point)". Since he made that vow, Placido has done his very best to stand by it and has refused to bow in the face of any sort of trouble as long as it meant that he was protecting the one female in his life he considered a constant. Placido is incredibly sensitive to matters that have to do with his mother, he is willing to drop whatever he might be doing at any moment to rush to her side should she ever call him for assistance, in fact, Placido almost failed a math exam during his freshmen year due to running out of the exam soon after hearing that his mother had to be taken to the hospital for a minor health issue. Placido's sensitivity to his mother's condition extends to her reputation as well, in one instance, soon after a classmate made a rude comment about Placido's mother's occupation, Placido instigated a fight which almost got him suspended. So far, in his life, Placido has only ever let one "Yo momma" joke ever slip by him without rewarding the speaker with a swift punch to the jawline, and that individual was his best friend, and even then, he stomped on his new sneakers as retaliation. Placido's love for his mother has resulted in him being, as many women he has dated in the past claimed, a bit overbearing.

Another side effect of Placido's aforementioned pledge regarding his mother is the way Placido acts once he finds himself romantically involved with pretty much any woman; he becomes something of an over-protective worrywart, reminiscent, some claim, of women's fathers or guardians. Admirably enough, Placido has matured enough to disregard a women's physical imperfections and instead look for personality traits that he finds charming, not that being physically attractive isn't a plus in his opinion. However, many, including some of the women Placido has dated, tend to find that Placido looks for women that, in his subconscious, remind him of his mother, and this is where the issue of Placido becoming overbearing has it's roots. Placido's desire to protect his mother has evolved into a desire to protect all of the women that he finds himself involved with, however, due to it's origins, the women Placido involves himself with are very similar people to his mother. Placido's overbearing nature, when dating, has many forms of manifestation, but the most frequent, as reported by the women who have disengaged themselves from Placido, include his tendency to check up on them many times a day, his tendency to want them to avoid the attention of other men and to spend copious amounts of time with them, even if detrimental to their goals. Placido has begun to question if what the women he has dated is true, and he is an overbearing partner, as such, he is slowly making progress to being less troublesome to the women he dates. Despite his flaws, Placido is known to be chivalrous, polite and thoughtful when dating women, he has also been known to pick fights in women's honor.

Physical Appearance


General- A fellow who resembles the woman who has raised him all of his life, Maria Lopez, and his father in equal parts, Placido is of the opinion that he has a rather unique, though, not necessarily unpleasant appearance to himself. Standing at roughly 76 inches, or 6'4, Placido is actually six or so inches taller than your average American citizen and his height is only exaggerated by the air of almost eerily calm that constantly surrounds Placido. Despite the fact that his mother is of a noticeably darker skin tone than his father was, Placido possesses almost no natural darker skin tone than your average Italian man would and, even more strange, he finds it difficult to get a tan despite the exposure to the sun his work provides. Due to the nature of his profession, Placido has been forced to develop a noticeably impressive physique that seems to fit well with his impressive stature. Because of the heavy-lifting Placido usually finds himself doing, he has developed an impressive set of lower body muscles, with his thighs being larger than most and rippling with muscle. Needless to say, Placido's upper body is also quite impressive, however, one can note that since Placido does not exercise his cardio quite as much, his abdominal muscles are only vaguely visible through the thin layer of fat that covers them. Though he does not do it often, Placido has the ability to bounce his pectorals at a whim. Placido's hands are covered in calluses, giving them a very rough look, which is mirrored on the soles of his feet and his knuckles as well.

Clothing- Befitting a man of so few words, even Placido's clothing do not make much of a statement. Preferring to dress in a fashion that would allow him to drift off and disappear in a crowd, Placido can usually be found wearing some sort of variation of a simple gray t-shirt, usually with sleeves that are a bit too tight on his bi and triceps, and a pair of simple but fitting pair of blue jeans along with a pair of bland brown boots, chosen more for their functionality than for their appearance. Assuming it is too cold for t-shirts, Placido usually dawns a dark-blue Harrington Jacket or perhaps his favorite leather jacket. During winter time, Placido can sometimes be found wearing a long tan trench coat that stops at just below his knees. Placido's trench coat is one of his favorite things to wear; he thinks it makes him look mysterious, not that he needs much help from his trench coat for that.


As his naming suggests, Placido was born of two very different, though equally responsible, individuals who just happened to both be immigrants to the United States. Soon after his parents met, they began to date, but not before Placido's mother was struck with a strange bout of small bruises across her legs that greatly resembled human skin's response to strong suction, such as when one is latched onto by an octopus, though, it is noteworthy that the octopus would have to be invisible and on a much larger scale. Within a week's time, however, the bruises began to stop appearing, and thus, the last remnants of the bruises faded, though they did leave an impression on Placido's mother, who had been under the impression that she had been possessed. It was his mother's belief that she was possessed that prompted her to accept her, then, lover's hasty proposal and get married to him. Noteworthy enough, Placido's mother managed to get married on the same night she lost her virginity and consummated her marriage.

Incidentally enough it turned out that Placido was not going to be leaving the safety and warmth of his mother's womb into the harsh world alone, and, in fact, he was born with a twin brother, who would be named Salvador. Placido gained his name due to the fact that despite his twin brother was crying very close to him soon after he had stopped crying after the birth, he seemed perfectly content to just lay still and calmly await for whatever was going to happen next, to happen next. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Placido would not get to spend much time with his brother beyond a length of two or so years. This tragedy was due to the fact that their mother discovered that her husband was being quite the promiscuous fellow and demanded a divorce. However, due to the fact that she only had a high-school degree, Placido's mother did not have the money required to take care of both twins and thus, she and her husband came to the resolution that she would take care of Placido and that he would take care of Placido's twin brother, Salvador.

Despite the less than fortunate series of events that led to his twin brother's disappearance from his life, Placido had a relatively enjoyable and, in his opinion, average childhood for an individual who was born and raised in New York City. Having been integrated within the school system for eight years, meaning that he was in the sixth grade, Placido had only a handful of individuals his own age he considered his "friends". This remarkably low number was due to Placido's relative abnormality; he was noticeably polite to the teacher, he was quiet, he seemed noticeably unresponsive to most forms of humor and he never didn't do his homework. In short, Placido was that weird kid who sat near the front of the class and always seemed to be taking notes, despite the fact that the teacher hadn't told anyone to. This studious attitude led to Placido being shunned by his peers, not that the boy really seemed to mind. However, he soon would as the first school dance to which, student's in Placido's grade seven class were invited to attend, Placido realized that he wanted to take someone. That someone was none other than Jennifer Ladle.

Though Ms. Ladle was, much like Placido, ostracized by her classmates, her level of seclusion was even higher than Placido, who, though his number of friends did not include a majority of the class, was still above the number zero. Jennifer was not liked because of her tendency to stutter and her lack of almost dog like loyalty to the more popular girls within her class. In short, Jennifer was her own person in a world where being your own person was not beneficial to you in the least, rather, it was noticeably detrimental. This, strangely enough, attracted Placido to her like a moth to a flame. Unfortunately, what Placido had failed to predict was the prospect that he might be too nervous once within earshot of Jennifer to even make coherent sense when he spoke, which, of course, was not seen as charming from his crush. Everyday for the two weeks that remained until the end of the year dance, Placido would work up the courage to approach Jennifer, only to find that he was incapable of speaking to her, which, of course, only reinforced Jennifer's assumption that Placido Lopez was some sort of weirdo. Thus, with his main reason for going, the prospect of taking Jennifer, gone, Placido decided to skip the dance and instead made his way to the local pizza shop, which turned out to be the best decision he had made as of late.

It was at the pizza shop that Placido learned that Jennifer had a job as a cashier and, strangely enough, he found he was able to speak to her without firmly planting his own foot in his mouth when she was in her uniform. Thus, Placido Lopez became Jennifer Ladle's first friend as they spoke at the cash register, realizing that they were both fans of comics and classical music. So began Placido's much more pleasant school life, as the girl he had a crush on became the girl who was his best friend.

For the next three years, Placido and Jennifer were all but inseparable. Due to their status as oddballs in their school, which was an elevator school, meaning that it accommodated grades from seven to twelve, the two rarely got a chance to make many friends and even less chances to date. However, soon after he started his grade ten years, Placido found that he was being approached by quite a few girls within his grade and, in one rare case, a girl from grades above his own. It was then that he realized that due to his growth spurt, he was, somehow, desirable to them. This idea was only reinforced when Placido's gym teacher demanded that he join the football team and he received a starting position due to his new, rather impressive physique. Though he enjoyed having quite a few new acquaintances, this sudden boost of popularity had quite the negative effect on his relationship with Jennifer. Having devoted more time to his newer friends and activities than with her as of late, Placido could understand why she would be upset and apologized the next time he saw her, which prompted her to break down crying. It was that day that Placido Lopez revealed to Jennifer Ladle the full extent of his feelings for her, which, incidentally enough, she returned with interest; having spent the last few years with him, she appeared to think him many times more attractive than the times in grade seven when he had tripped over his own tongue attempting to talk to her.

For the next two years, Placido could have cared less about the advances of the other girls who attended his school, he was completely and totally devoted to Jennifer. The two were good for each other, since they took many of the same classes, studying together was both a viable and effective option, Placido always seemed to play better whenever Jennifer was in the crowd, and she even managed to get him a job at the pizza shop now that she was assistant manager. Indeed, the rest of Placido's highschool years were filled with incredible joy. However, that joy was about to come to an abrupt stop as he and Jennifer discovered that while Placido was not planning on attending any sort of post educational institute, she had received a complete scholarship to a college across the country. Though the two knew it would make them immensely lonely, they decided that it would be best Jennifer go to her college and Placido attempt to get a position working for his mother's construction company. It was on the day of her leaving New York to go to college that Jennifer Ladle became Placido Lopez's fiance.

However, it was as Jennifer was driving down to her college with a classmate who was somewhat of her friend, though more of Placido's, that she died as their car was hit by a drunk driver. When Placido heard the news he took the day off work and drove down to the hospital that Jennifer was currently at as Medical staff did all they could to save her. She died within two days. To remember her bye, Placido had taken her ragged, blood stained handkerchief, something she had never left home without when it was still a virgin white. Unfortunately, it seemed that nothing could get out the red stain that had ruined it's colour, seemingly forever. It was only two years later, after Placido had lost one of the most important women in his life that he discovered he possessed unique talents. It was also around this time that he was promoted to a managerial position within the construction company he worked for, though he preferred to help out his workers with the manual labour. As it stands, Placido isn't all that familiar with his powers, but he seems to possess quite the flair for creative uses for them and has become a vigilante with them, helping out the police force of New York where he can, when he can.


Name: Virgin Red
Item: A chunk of permanently stained red, white handkerchief from his deceased fiancée.
Appearance: Upon it's release, Virgin Red grows at an exponential rate, increasing in size until it is capable of covering Placido from the crown of his head to his knees. Once the growth in length is compete, the cloth automatically ties itself and forms a type of hood or cloak with ragged edges to it and, strangely enough, a hood which never falls off. No matter the position, no matter the force and no matter the amount of force, nothing is capable of forcing the hood away from Placido's head, except for Placido himself. Only individuals that Placido allows to see him can see under the hood, otherwise, it just looks like an eerie mask with no discernible facial features is staring a person dead in the face when they look under the hood.


Control Over the Cloth- Placido has complete and utter control over his Fullbring that operates much like a limited form of telekinesis whilst he is wearing it. He need only think about a movement that his cloak can make and it will follow it without hesitation.

Weaponized Format- Though some might dismiss the tattered ends and numerous hanging tendrils of Placido's hood/cloak as unimportant, those seemingly negligible little bits act as Placido's secondary form of weaponry. As Plcido is able to manipulate the cloak in almost anyway he pleases, he has been known to harden the cloth to a point where it can act as a weapon. He can do everything from instantly turning one of the tatters of his cloak into a ball and hardening it before launching it at his opponent like a mace of sorts to wrapping his cloak about him and hardening it so it acts like armor. Placido can harden his cloak to a level capable of being compared to a released Zanpakutou, though this is only under extreme circumstances and otherwise, he must limit himself to an unreleased Zanpakutou to keep from straining himself.

Placido can control a maximum of four tendrils of cloth at one point in time and he need not use any gestures to control them simply thinking about it is enough.


Hoho (speed) - 3
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) - 4
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) - 3
Kido (Way of the spirit) - 3
Hakudo (Physical combat) - 3
Hankou (Resistance) - 5
Points awarded:
Total points: 21

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Approved for C rank. So after reading the RP system topic, you can apply your stats.

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