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Storyline Topic 5bhatsuyuki-tsuki_5d_bleach_the_movie_4_-_the_hell_verse__5b1280x720_5d_5b046afcd8_5d-mkv_001020269

The gates of Hell have opened, releasing all of the evils bound within the searing flames beyond the chain clad gates, allowing them to wreak havoc on the living world once more. The assaults from the Togabito are as frequent as attacks from the Hollows, fortunately the Sins rarely pay visit to the Human World; although when they do, they make sure to leave a massive trail of destruction in their wake. However, not all of the Sins have sided with the enemy, some choose to stand with the Shinigami instead. Still, the Soul Society is cautious of them and believes them to have an ulterior motive behind their actions. They keep a close eye on their supposed new allies; making sure that they do not go and cause trouble.

A sense of foreboding lingers thick in the air when a strange presence makes itself known, the being's reiatsu feels nothing like anything that has ever been encountered before; Though only one of these creatures has surfaced there is a strong chance that there are more out there and they seem to possess a unique set of abilities which have a sense of familiarity about them. These new beings are more powerful than both the Togabito and Arrancar and some even seem to surpass the strength of the Espada, however they are not on the same level as the Sins, but they are very close. Their numbers are quickly increasing and they seem to have allegiance to the Espada Lord and more importantly the Sins as a whole. Will this combined threat be able to be defeated, or will they plunge the world into oblivion?

I got things to do, and things to see
Might even have to leave you be
But till that time, let’s give our all
And don’t look back, until you fall

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