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 Okurimono-Buki Kiyoshi

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PostSubject: Okurimono-Buki Kiyoshi    Okurimono-Buki Kiyoshi  Icon_minitimeSat May 19, 2012 8:49 pm

*Name: Okurimono-Buki Kiyoshi
*Age: unknown (Look’s about 17)
*Gender: Male
*Rank: Undefined
Kokuyōseki no naifu (obsidian knife in japanese.): Kokuyōseki no naifu is a knife that is two feet long and is a inch thick. The dagger’s blade is completely black and has no hand guard making it simple. In fact this blade is made of obsidian the blade ridged and crooked. The blade on the other side is hard as steel or any unnatural material.
Niku no rippā (Ripper of Flesh in Japanese.): Niku no rippā is the main weapon Kiyoshi use’s. Niku no rippā is a 5 foot long sickle weapon, the blade itself is three feet long and two inches thick at the base and gradually goes smaller to a zero point. The blade is serrated all along the bottom of the blade. The top is a fine edge. The staff part is solid black with three silver lines wear the blade is attached. The pommel of the sickle is a simple metal cap.
*Personality: Okurimono-Buki Kiyoshi is
*Physical Appearance:
*Powers: (4 maximum)


Hoho (speed) - 
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) - 
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) - 
Kido/cero (Way of the spirit) - 
Hakudo (Physical combat) - 
Hankou (Resistance) - 
Points awarded: 
Total points:

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The feel of heat and sweat tingle's though skin, I look down and see the skin of though arm splitting downward revealing the muscle and tendon's. The tendon's pulse with still activity, I felt pain but though didn't care.
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Okurimono-Buki Kiyoshi
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