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 Custom Cero List

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PostSubject: Custom Cero List   Custom Cero List Icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2012 5:45 pm

Name: Cero Demonio | Demon Cero
Alternate Name(s): Reverse Cero | Cero Negativo | Anti Cero
Appearance: It appears like a typical Cero or Cero of customary color for a particular Arrancar, however Ceros of this kind feature a blackish purple energy crackle about the blast.
Capabilities: Corrosive property, fully burns and corrodes through minor obstructions such as low level Bakudo and clothing; causes burning and wear on lesser obstructions such as specialized clothing, barriers and spiritually enhanced materials, weaker opponent's weapons and weaker Hierros; mild burning and slight wear and corrosion on stronger or powerful obstructions such as stronger Hierro, Upper level opponents weapons and the like, as well as high level Bakudo and spiritually dense defensive materials. This Cero outweighs a typical Cero of one of equal strength or class and weakens, though does not match and contend with one from a opponent of greater strength or class unless preparation of additional reiryoku being added or utilized takes place. This also applies to Hado, being middle class Hado and upper - high class Hado respectively.
Bonuses + Properties: Destructive force boost, increasing one's Cero's power by approximately the equivalent of a Gillian class Hollow's Cero or Adjuchas/Lower leved Arrancar's Cero if utilized by an Arrancar or Visored/Vizard of greater strength or prominence. Corrosive property that burns, wears, and weakens other materials and even corrodes other energies when brought into contact.
Capable Ranks: B and above. Intended for Fraccion and Espada. Can be learned and utilized by Visoreds with time and practice.
(Created by Caelum Tsukiyo)

Name: Cero de Sordos
Alternate name(s): N/A
Appearance: the cero itself gives off specific color traits, the center of the user's cero or custom cero gives off a pitch black color as when the cero is forming dark blue crackles form around the cero until its completely done forming.
Capabilities: the cero itself has a level ranging piercing and damaging ability, to users of a rank of D and C it can pierce through lower level hierro of a arrancar and low quality clothing of shinigami, giving low damage to the enemy. If used by ranks of B, A and S it can pierce through high level arrancar hierro and high level quality clothing and gives medium damage or high damage depending on rank (S rank gives high damage as A and B give medium)
Effects/Bonuses: this cero has two known effects, the first being able to be completely silent when being formed and deployed. The second ability is when the cero impacts on something it releases a high pitch explosion noise, if the cero itself hits the enemy and releases the high pitch noise it would disorient the enemy and impair them of hearing for a minimum of 2 posts
Capable ranks: all ranks can learn/obtain this cero
(Created by LoneWarrior)

Name:Cero del Rey
Alternate name(s): Imminent Death | Cero of the King
Appearance: At the moment of charging, the Cero appears at a sphere the size of a large marble, no larger. The sphere, despite its size pulses and releases powerful shockwaves of energy that can be seen and felt, should the user wish to warn the opponent or flaunt their strength. However this diminutive size is but a ruse. Upon release a truly massive blast flies forth at a speed unexpected of something it's size, though with a thunderous roar. The Cero is naturally a saturated silvery-blue with rippling, surging energy, the core of the Cero a murky black.
How it's Performed: The utilizing person (AKA Caelum "The Hollow King") draws his own blood at the site of execution or uses a preexisting wound. The 'user' will then gather and super concentrate condensed spiritual energy into a Cero. What makes this Cero different than a typical Gran Rey in Caelum's case is his particularly unique blood reishi as well as the saturation of Dark Reishi into the mix. The Cero is generally fired from the index finger but can also be fired from sword/weapon point or palm/hand.
Capabilities: Silent charging, can be prepared quickly, can seriously wound or kill even a Captain at Rank A if taken close-medium range at full force without protection or countermeasures. Can overpower medium level Bakudo and protective measures and is weakened to normal fully charged Cero strength. Destroys high level Bakudo *with the exception of proficient Kido users high level Bakudo* but is drastically weakened to approximately low-level Cero strength. This Cero is more powerful than a Gran Rey Cero.
Effects/Bonuses: Strong corrosive abilities, Massive Destructive Potential, Causes minor tears in dimensional space (akin to Gran Rey, yet more prominent), Can Leave User Momentarily Weakened/Drained Reiatsu-Wise (One-in-Two blasts)
Capable ranks: Caelum's Particular Cero. A lesser version can be learned by and utilized by S Rank Vizored and A Rank Arrancar/Vizored with Kido/Cero Stat of 6+.
Caelum's Case = Double Cero Reiatsu usage
S Vizored = Cero + Gran Rey Reiatsu usage
A Vizored/Arrancar = Triple Cero Reiatsu usage.
(Created by Caelum Tsukiyo)

Name: Asarra Luna Cero
Alternate name(s): the Rampaging Moon
Appearance:[/b[ the cero itself has a unique color to itself, the cero's color is the exact color of the user's spiritual pressure. Also in the center is a small marble sized silvery orb with crackles of silver around the cero at formation
the cero's capability is destructive power, speed and its own formation. First the cero itself can manifest itself mainly in the user's zanpakuto and be deployed as a blast, beam or cresent shaped blast, second is the cero's destructive power users of ranks D and C are able to destroy low level bakudo and out match low level hado while leaving the cero as a low level cero, if the attack is taken head on it causes medium damage. If the user is an B or A rank the cero can break through medium level bakudo or hado while still retaining a medium damage rate but if taken head on it causes light heavy damage all this applies for S rank as well but S rank can break high level bakudo and hado while retaining medium damage rate. The last capability is its speed which depends on the time of day if early in the morning the cero will charge at a normal rate but if at night it will charge as fast as a bala while still retaining its power (charges faster depending on the time of day best to use at night)
Effects/Bonuses: the only effect the cero has is its explosion power when it hits or impacts something it releases a 10ft wide blast of medium damage to whomever is caught in it but only users of B rank and up have this effect since it takes more reiatsu to use
Capable ranks: all ranks of visored/espada are capable of using this cero, the power level depends on rank the lower your level the less damage the higher you are more damage
(Created by LoneWarrior)

Name: Aullando Fang Cero
Alternate name(s): Howling Fang/the Teeth in the Night
Appearance: the cero itself has a bold silver and grey mix of color as the center of the cero is three marble sized black orbs which rotate during formation
Capabilities: the cero's capability is formation, reishi absorption and placement. First the cero forms in the palm of the user, then the user would grab the hilt of his zanpakuto and allow the cero energy to transfer to his blade once done the cero and zanpakuto will begin to disperse small amount of reishi within the air while at the same time absorbing it, once it’s done releasing and absorbing reishi the user would usually swing his zanpakuto vertically towards the opponent and the cero would be deployed but not from the blade but from the sides of himself, the cero would take the form of two silvery fangs beside the user and come crashing down on the opponent with destructive force hence the name of moon fang. Also ranks of D and C can perform this once, B and A can perform this twice and S rank can perform it three times but this all drains the user due to reishi consumption
Effects/Bonuses: the only effect this cero has is its explosive damage, when the two fang cero's hit the opponent and meet point to point it explodes releasing a destructive blast which can cause heavy damage to the foe
Capable ranks: all ranks of visored/espada are capable of using this cero, the power level depends on rank the lower your level the less damage the higher you are more damage
(Created by LoneWarrior)

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Custom Cero List
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