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 Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>]

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Kizomaru Hotaru
Kizomaru Hotaru

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Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] Empty
PostSubject: Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>]   Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] Icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2012 2:31 am

I'm just looking for feed back, if y'all wanna see when it finally gets finished hit my dA up >.>

It's been three months since the end of the war with Aizen and things were finally normal, squads three, five and nine all regained captains and the busy air around the Gotei Thirteen had cleared from the chaotic state it once was after the betrayal. There was finally a sense of peace and it was nice, there was still a frost in the air but there hadn't been much snow since spring was right around the corner. Instead the Seireitei had been plagued with icy rain storms and today was no exception, though they were on and off today, which irritated the normal schedule for training within the squads and made things more complicated than they needed to be. Though, this was nothing compared to the hell they had went through three months prior.

The day progressed normally, Second Seat Kizomaru had finished her work and chores for the day and was heading out to Inuzuri for shopping as she always did, it was the middle of the week and her designated shopping day. Though due to an incident which happened there it wasn't her favorite place to shop but it was the cheapest, she stacked her papers neatly in her office and left for the day. Her steps hasted as she just wanted to get the trip over with, a sense of anxiousness always befell her when she neared Inuzuri, her breathing quickened as did her heartbeat and her fists clenched tightly in the start of an anxiety attack but she shrugged it off with a deep breath and soldiered through as she always did, ignoring the thunder as she pressed forward and began shopping.

Over in squad nine the lieutenant Hisagi Shuuhei was just wrapping up the training session when the loud roar of thunder tore through the sound of the clashing blades and grunting shinigami, Shuuhei's loud and commanding voice seemed to echo louder to catch their attention."Everyone! Training is over for today due to the weather, please resume your normal duties for the day." At the end of his command the training shinigami sheathed their swords and left back to their offices, the young lieutenant followed suit and returned to his own office to finish the last bit of his work. Now that Kensei had returned to the squad Shuuhei no longer had to bear the weight alone and he was able to finish quicker than he had been which was a relief, with a breath he sat down and began finishing his work.

In Inuzuri where Kizomaru had been shopping there had been a hollow attack, and not by just one or two, but by a whole swarm and Kizomaru was currently the only shinigami in the area. She quickly and literally dropped her groceries and drew her zanpakuto, which were the two wakizashi blades fixed to either of her hips, and engaged the hollow in a fight. They were small fry, so she was able to take them down quickly and with little effort, but the onslaught was tiring yet she pushed through until the back up she had called for through hell butterfly arrived to help her out. A good twenty minutes passed before she began cursing when the back up took longer than she had anticipated, wondering where they were and what was taking so long, knowing there should have been a faster response than this and they should've been here by now. Slashing and chopping away, the second seat had unleashed Shikai just so she could continue forward.

Back in Squad Nine it was Shuuhei who had caught the hell butterfly from Kizomaru as he left his office after finishing the last of his work, his face was as straight as ever but it was clear he was worried since it was a good friend of his out there alone. After the message ended, and not a moment later, Shuuhei gathered a few shinigami from his squad and led them off to Inuzuri where the report had come from. When he and his team arrived on sight they found a panicking crowd and an exhausted Kizomaru fighting back the flood of hollow which thankfully she had whittled down to the last three, right now she and her clone army she had summoned were fighting and Shuuhei rushed to her aid when he saw just how depleted she was.

"Hey! Go rest up." Shuuhei's voice rang with urgency but his expression was as cool as ever, it usually was no matter how pressured the situation he found himself in, he always kept his wits about him."We'll take it from here." He told her, speaking more as a commanding officer than a friend since he knew right now that was the only way he'd get her to listen.

The violet haired Shinigami turned her head when she had a moment to look over at her friend, her sapphire blue eyes reflected the exhaustion he knew she felt."I'm fine." Kizomaru protested, though she wanted the back up she didn't want to be removed from the game. Her protest earned a stiff glare from the lieutenant which elicited a sigh from her lips."Fine..." Giving in and falling back, returning her zanpakuto to normal and landing on the ground to lean against a wall and watch the fight continue.

It wasn't long though, until the last hollow fell at Shuuhei's strength, when the commotion had ended Shuuhei ordered his men to return to their squad and report the incident. The team nodded and left not a second later and the two were left alone, Shuuhei sheathed his zanpakuto and walked over to Kizomaru's weary form leaning weakly against the wall. Her eyes closed as if she'd fallen asleep standing up, he gave a chuckle under his breath at the allegedly sleeping but undeniable beauty in front of him.

"Hey..." Speaking softly in case she was asleep, he didn't want to be loud and cause her to fall and injure herself. His voice drew out a response from the female before him.

"I'm not asleep..." Kizomaru muttered tiredly, only weary from the toll the fighting took on her form and nothing more. She gazed over at him with a flat expression at his implied assumption.

Shuuhei just chuckled."You looked like you were...Are you alright?" He asked in reply, speaking seriously. He wanted to make sure his friend had not been hurt in the fighting.

Kizomaru looked herself over then back to him with a nod of her head."Yeah I'm fine...I might have pulled something though, but I'm okay." She answered, feeling an ache and figuring she had pulled a muscle in her fight.

"I wouldn't doubt it, you looked like you were swinging too hard when you were fighting." Shuuhei replied, carrying that serious tone as he spoke. His arms crossed over his chest, his eyes gave a casual and quick once over of her slim form.

Kizomaru sighed, not having caught him looking her over as she was focused on getting out of where she was and possibly heading home. She opened her mouth to reply but a loud booming noise cut her off, thunder."Great..More rain.." Muttering bitterly.

Shuuhei looked up at the sky after hearing the crashing thunder and sighed himself, feeling small pelts of water hit his face. He took his gaze from the sky and looked back down at her."Then let's get going, we don't need to get caught out in this."

Kizomaru simply nodded and got up off the wall, she walked past Shuuhei as fast as she could manage."Alright, let's hurry too. It's close." She stated, really just wanting to leave before she became infested with memories she didn't want right now.

He noticed her urgency to leave and followed behind her before he caught up to her and walked at her side, reaching over and taking her hand in his and interlocking their fingers together."Are you sure you're okay?" Shuuhei pressed, knowing she was tense right now and wanting her to open up and tell him if anything was wrong.

She blushed slightly when he took her hand, it was still new to her, being this close to her friend but she was quickly getting used to it. Since things had returned to normal the two had been dating and it seemed to make them both happier people."Yes Shuuhei, I'm fine..I just get tense here." Kizomaru replied, holding his hand tightly in return.

He ran his thumb gently over her knuckles and placed a quick kiss on her cheek."Alright..You mentioned something about pulling something..I can take a look at it for you." Shuuhei offered, wanting to help her if he was able.

She looked over at him with a curious expression but she smiled at his touch."I'd love that...What would you do about it if I did?" Kizomaru asked him, wondering if there was some kind of medical kido he could perform and fix whatever could be wrong.

He took his arm around her form and brought her closer to his side, the feeling of being this intimate with someone he considered a good friend was nice and different from most of the other dates he'd had. It felt more..Comforting and stable, like he had found his rock. He knew from the moment the two took down the barrier between friend and boyfriend/girlfriend that this woman was the love of his life. Though, neither of the two had uttered those three little life changing words just yet, he could tell she felt the same. He didn't know how for sure, but he knew. Shuuhei chuckled and kissed the top of her head."Well I could give you a massage..~"

The very thought of him touching her like that sent a blush ablaze across her cheeks, unable to deny the fact that even if she wasn't injured in a way which required a massage as treatment she'd still enjoy something like that."Th-That'd be nice." Kizomaru replied with a light stammer, the nervousness clear in her voice. Smiling at his embrace as she took her arm around his waist in return, finding a sense of comfort there that she never had with anyone else. She knew from the moment she met him that she was supposed to be with him for the rest of her life, and the fact only became more clear once they became a couple and the moment they kissed she knew she was in love.

Shuuhei smiled and chuckled a little more, finding her easily flustered nature adorable and he couldn't resist playing with her just to see her cheeks flushed with that warm rosy red color."Well then--" He was cut off by another loud boom and the start of a heavy downpour, the rain had finally hit them just as they had left Inuzuri.He sighed and picked up their pace."We have to hurry." He stated.

Kizomaru nodded and picked up her pace along with him, keeping close to his side though as neither had let the other go to run."Right...Where are we going?" She asked, wanting to know where they were going for shelter until the storm passed. Not that the rain would normally bother anyone, but this was a strong storm and it was a winter shower. Right now they were risking illness the longer they stayed out in the current weather.

Shuuhei thought for a moment."We'll head to my barracks, they're closer." The only place he could think of, if her barracks were closer he would have dropped her off since his priority was making sure she didn't get sick, but it was his squad was the closest after they came out of Inuzuri. The two rounded a corner and began for his barracks.

Kizomaru blinked, his barracks? That was a little..Intimate in her opinion, but she knew right now she couldn't protest. She simply nodded and cursed the thoughts running through her head at the moment."Alright." A reply which was simple and too the point, she mentally scolded herself for not packing an extra change of clothes in case something like this had happened.

It wasn't long at their pace until they reached squad nine barracks, entering the men's branch and heading for his room. At this point Kizomaru's heart was racing in her chest and not just from the running but from the thought of being alone with him in his room. Shuuhei stopped them outside his door and unlocked it, sliding it open to reveal a simple and neat room, the futon on the floor was made up and there was little decor. The only thing in the room which could count as such was his guitar, a simple brown acoustic which sat in the far left corner of the moderately sized room. He stood aside to let her in first."After you." Giving a chuckle.

Kizomaru took in the sight and took a moment to compose herself before she nodded."Alright..Thank you, I appreciate you letting me stay here." She told him, smiling warmly over at him, he had let her go so she could walk inside. When she did so he followed behind her, flipped the light switch and shut the door, seeing her go over towards a small pine desk he had in his room. She seemed uncomfortable, tense really and she was, her eyes trailing his room before she looked over at him. Seeing how the thick cloth stuck to his body, making her gulp silently as a slight blush burned her cheeks while her eyes trailed his muscular form beneath the sobbing wet uniform.

Shuuhei caught a glimpse of her checking him out and gave a light chuckle, he didn't mention it and headed for the small bathroom which was attached to his room. He opened the door and entered, flipping a switch and searching for a towel."Hey, are you alright?" He called, wanting to make sure she didn't fall ill or anything while they were out there.

Kizomaru had turned her attention to look out his window at the falling rain, needing to calm her beating heart which felt as though it was to tear out of her chest."Yeah..I-I'm just cold." She called back, a slight burst of air from the room snuck under her clothing and made a shiver run along the length of her spine and child her throughout her core.

Shuuhei had shut the light in the bathroom off, two towels were draped over his shoulders. He saw her looking out the window and smiled, letting his eyes trail over her form through the soaking wet fabric which clung to her body. The clothes making her figure pop, such a sight made him blush and was more than enough to turn him on but he kept himself in check. He came up behind her with the towel and took it over her shoulders, wrapping her in the long and wooly towel and pulling her in close so that her back was pressed against his chest."Good.." He replied, his chin had rested on her shoulder and when he spoke his thick and warm breath grazed the skin of her neck making her shiver and blush.

She smiled at the embrace and welcomed the warmth, she let her eyes fall closed. Just enjoying this moment of silence, it was so calming and relaxing. The sound of the falling rain outside and his arms around her waist holding her close,hearing his breathing so close to her ear. All of it was so comforting, relaxing her form completely and all but falling limp in his arms.

He smiled, loving the feeling of her body so close to his. The moment felt good, there was still that spark even though neither of them were speaking. He started swaying slowly back and forth, guiding her along with him and the two gave quiet chuckles. He spun her around in his embrace and looked down at her with a calm smile, Kizomaru's arms wrapping around his neck as they brought their bodies closer together. He leaned forward and rested his forehead against hers, his slate gray eyes looking into her sapphire blue orbs."I love you, Kizomaru.." Feeling his heart speed up a little after he finished speaking, his voice was so soft and gentle but full of love and happiness.

Kizomaru's eyes lit up, a wide smile stretched over her face. Her blush grew and she felt an overwhelming sense of joy fill her heart and soul, she felt a warm wave wash over her and she fell into a state of bliss."Oh wow....Shuuhei, I love you too..I've loved you since the day I met you." She admitted softly, overwhelmed by emotions right now and it showed in her voice. Her eyes glistening with little drops of tears because she was so emotional right now.

Shuuhei chuckled gently and took a hand to her cheek,caressing it softly as he leaned down the last little way and closed the gap between them with a kiss, pressing his lips to hers passionately. Kizomaru pressed herself into his form as she returned the kiss with a soft smile through it, the two held the kiss for what felt like forever before they had to break for air. Both blushing gently and smiling at each other. Kizomaru shivered a little and that reminded her she was still in dripping wet clothing.

Shuuhei felt her shiver and took his hands along her sides slowly to help warm her up."Kizo..You need to get out of those clothes before you get sick," He told her, speaking seriously.

Kizomaru blushed."I-I know but..I-I don't have anything to change into.." She replied, feeling a chill from the way his hands were caressing her form. She couldn't help a small moan falling from her lips at the way it felt.

Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] ENeac Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] PtHfB Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] OKpqB Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] N6Tu0 Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] AtbjL Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] 40ogR Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] R9MKe Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] HAlrP Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] TaSX6

Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>] Dragonanimated_742929
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Rainy Day Love~[WIP---Also Lemon so y'all aren't gettin' the full thing here >.>]
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