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PostSubject: Dokuta(WIP)   Dokuta(WIP) Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 4:58 pm

*Name: Dokuta
Nickname: Doku (Only by a certain few)
*Age: Unknown, Guestimated around 180-200
*Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Two Kunai
*Number: None.

*Personality: A slightly rowdy young man, but at times he can be quiet and reclusive. Usually because he is pondering his lost past or what his future might be. He is quite serious in battle and is not afraid to kill anyone or anything to get what he wants.

*Physical Appearance: A relatively average looking boy besides his clothing. He is 5'11'', weighing 134lbs. The average for a 18 year old boy. He wears a black and orange coat with the sleeves rolled up and a white shirt underneath. He has two metal-played armbands on both his arms and a bandage wrapped around his right hand. On his head he has not so usual headgear, a metal-plated dark blue headband and what look like orange ski-goggles that he wears on his head sideways with the strap over the headband and covering most of his left eye.(Hiding his arrancar mask which is under his left eye)
He wear black pants that are slightly to long so they are frayed at the bottom. On his belt he wears a sterling silver chain going to his wallet, and on his right leg he has a bag that matches his headband that carries his two kunai. His shoes are midnight black, steel-toe boots with the steel on the outside of the boot. His Hollow Hole is located in the middle of his chest.

*Bio: Before he died he was a nice boy, similar to how he is now. He lived in an average home, with an average income, in an average neighborhood. He went to school like any boy his age would, and had quite a few friends. At about age 16 an outbreak of murders started happening in his hometown. Police had no lead thus far and there was already 5 Men/Woman/Children dead. The local police department started enforcing a curfew of 8pm as the murders always happened at night. The murders had halted, police claimed to have "Caught the bastard". Two years, everything had returned to normal. Almost out of school Dokuta and his friends stayed out late for a party but forgot to tell their families. Worried they set out to find their sons/daughters without their knowledge. When Dokuta got home he found an empty house.

No note telling him his parents had left, puzzled he went to his room to check his phone, he had left it there on accident. 20 missed calls, all from his parents. He tried calling them, no answer. He called them again, no answer. So he grabbed his coat, called the police and left. An hour later when the police arrived they found his body, seemingly hit by a car on the side of the road a mile away from his house. In the after-life he sat in his now empty house, waiting for his parents. Slowly getting tired of waiting his chain finally broke.

When he became a hollow most of his memories remained from his actual life. He traveled Hueco Mundo looking for a way to become human again so he could search for his family, then he found it. Consuming other hollows, the only way to become 'human" or so he thought. This was a lie he was told by another hollow who envied his persistence to find his family even after death. After consuming all the hollows he could stand, he confronted the hollow who had told him this. The hollow confessed the lie and told him how foolish he was for believing him, full of rage he killed the hollow. Afterwards consumed by the guilt of killing he realized there was only one way to repay what he had done, destroy himself. He grasped his mask and pulled as hard as he could.

Waking up in Karakura town, he does not remember anything of his past except his name. Nor does he remember how he got there, So now he wanders Karakura town trying to find a way to regain his memory.


*Name: Reitoudansei - Frozen Man
*Sealed form: A sword as tall as the owner (5'12''). It looks as though it were made for a giant. It is wrapped in bandages that seal the Resurrección.
*Resurrección: None(Sealed)
*Call out phrase:None
Any abilities/techniques:

Invocar la espada (Summon Sword): Dokuta is able to Summon and Un-summon his sword as he pleases. When he summons his sword a light shines from his hand and expands into a light looking lance then quickly flashes into his sword.

El aumento de Spire (Rising Spire): By swinging his sword like a golf club hitting a golf ball while having his blade scrape the ground he is able to send his spiritual pressure into the ground making Pillars of spiritual energy shoot out of the ground in the line of sight he swung. Distance is a estimated 1000 feet, and the diameter of the pillars is estimated anywhere from 1-5 feet.


None till Sample is posted/Reviewed

Hoho (speed) -
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) -
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) -
Kido/cero (Way of the spirit) -
Hakudo (Physical combat) -
Hankou (Resistance) -
Points awarded:
Total points:

Dokuta(WIP) 8Lrw7

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PostSubject: Re: Dokuta(WIP)   Dokuta(WIP) Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 5:01 pm

The RP on this site has been suspended, because we are switching to another site when it is done, which should be in about a week. So you can save this for when we move. ^^

I got things to do, and things to see
Might even have to leave you be
But till that time, let’s give our all
And don’t look back, until you fall

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