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PostSubject: Renewal   Renewal Icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 9:40 pm

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The cycle has always been the same- the wolves form the world in their own image, and renew themselves by doing so. World after world this has always been so but still Paradise eludes them. The last time the world was renewed it was at the claws of the white wolf chosen by the lunar flowers, Kiba. Unlike his ancestors he changed the world, not keeping it the same as it was when he was living in it. From the what he had lived though he decided to create this new world, thinking to make it a peaceful land of sense and harmony where there was no further reason to quest. It was supposed to be a land of rest, where wolves could touch the energy of the Earth at any time and draw strength from it.

In an attempt to solve the wars of humans he re-imagined the way they saw each other, making it so that in order to preform their magic that they called alchemy a pact had to be made between battery and a scientist, through the bonds of love or family. It was a further assurance of peace. Unfortunately the eye of Darcia polluted the dream. Darcia's own madness deep set in his soul gave birth to those who were able to use the souls of others without forming a bond, essentially allowing them to drain unwilling victims for their own ambitions.

This resulted in war among the humans again and as they had always done, they destroyed themselves and everyone around them creating yet another deadened world. Once more the wolves seek to restore the world to it's original state by following the strong instincts to find the moonflowers and open the door to paradise.

With the world waiting, will it be saved or reborn- or simply cease to exist? That is the greatest question.

Renewal Renewal1

Renewal is a semi-new roleplay forum, based on the ideas of two past forums the admin team had years ago that fit so well with each other it was combined into the Wolf's Rain and FMA crossover. The site had gone dormant for a year when both administrators lost computer access but it has come back. It has friendly staff who have nothing better to do then hang around and answer questions if you happen to have any. Recently the concept of Okami had been mixed in, giving a new flare to the Celestial brush.

Come on and give us a shot. Weather you stop by just to advertise or want to get a feel for the site before you join feel free to say hi in our chat, odds are at least one of the admins will be online when you stop by!

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