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PostSubject: The Shift   The Shift Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 6:27 pm

Hi, I am Kitty.

Please check out the Shift, a modern fantasy horror RPG wherein we are creating and collaborating the 'future' of this original world as a group. Writers are encouraged to contribute.

- Friendly, helpful staff that's usually available to help
- lots of writers who love to plot
- open to suggestions about world building, new races, factions, you name it!
- No true word minimum, but it would be nice if your posts are longer than your avatar/no one liners/have rich and interesting story line
-mature rating
- We've reached the two year active bench mark!

The Shift Shift_ad_600x280-1

It all began in 2013. Earth is now a world that has seen magic, myth and the supernatural return to reality due to the alignment of Earth and the Sun with the galactic center. Mayan legends called this the Dark Sun and foretold that Earth would be born anew in December 2012 as the alignment would bring about The Great Shift of the Ages. The world is hardly black and white anymore, there are too many shades of gray. Too many warring factions. Too much death and destruction in the Old American Empire and in the rest of the world.

What will come about from a world of chaos? Will humans and meta-humans triumph over the swarms of Vampires, Zombies and Lycans? What mysteries will be unraveled about this new world?

Start your walk into a world that is not so dissimilar from what it used to be - but now wrought with the various perils that the supernatural tends to bring along with the political intrigue between factions vying for power in the new world!

The Shift is a Modern Fantasy / Horror collaborative writing forum based RPG centered in New York City.

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The Shift
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