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 Our Undefined Fate

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PostSubject: Our Undefined Fate   Our Undefined Fate Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2012 8:50 pm

Our Undefined Fate 1a
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As a result of a strange virus outbreak that killed many worldwide and left survivors immune to the virus, quite a number of people, direct descendants of survivors, come to discover that they have special abilities derived from mutated DNA.

These Mutants are surprised by their powers around adolescence and those who don't get captured by the Government for experimentation discover they need to keep their abilities secret. The general public is in the dark and only the most connected and aware of both sides can sense a WAR IS BREWING ON THE HORIZON.

Will you be an oblivious Human, a Mutant or a hunter of the Government?

Choose your path now and let's discover Our Fates together!
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Our Undefined Fate
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