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 Yui Kisho {7th Squad Captain} Finished

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Yui Kisho
Yui Kisho

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Yui Kisho {7th Squad Captain} Finished Empty
PostSubject: Yui Kisho {7th Squad Captain} Finished   Yui Kisho {7th Squad Captain} Finished Icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 9:40 am

Name: Yui Kisho
Age: 735
Gender: Female
Squad: 7
Rank: Captain{A} ~ Approved Tryout Sample
  • Retractable Knife located at the bottom of her boots. Can be released by putting just the right pressure on her heels.
  • Three Fuuma Shurikens, hanging on her right hip.
  • Two handle-less kunai in her right boot.
  • Two twin-bladed kunai in her left boot.
    *All her weapon are stark black in color*

Positive Traits
  • “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”
    Yui has a strong sense of right and wrong. She will not be persuaded from what she believes is right unless she sees it with her own two eyes. No good amount of arguing with her will change her mind. It is more likely to change your view on things by listening to her view on things. She can make a very stubborn man question his own beliefs with just one look and a word. Or less.
  • “Life isn’t finding shelter in the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
    Yui has never cowered away from what needed to be done. She will do what she has to do. No questions asked. She is able to adapt to new situations and conditions almost immediately. This helps her be relaxed in battle because in no time, she will be able to guess her opponents battle habits and adapt her own fighting style without delay.
  • “It’s easy to look at people and make quick judgments about them, their present and their past, but you’d be amazed at the pain and tears a smile hides.”
    Yui is very perceptive and insightful. She can always tell if you’re hiding something from her, whether if you’re distressed or delighted, she’ll be able to tell what it is just after a short conversation. She can also grasp the situation very quickly and can judge the circumstances pretty easily. This is why other people like to come to her for advice in a variety of matters.
  • “Over, under, around, or through. There is always a way.”
    Yui is very determined. She will never leave a matter half way through. Even if there’s a barrier that cannot be moved no matter what she does, she’ll never give up but get more and more fired up. She’ll never give up until someone has to knock her out and tie her to a post. Even then she would be thinking about ways to get past that barricade and get to the other side. This can get very annoying for some others because if you’re hiding something from her and she knows it... Well... Let’s just say it can get pretty ugly.
  • “Silence is a source of great strength.’
    Yui stays silent more often than not. She likes to stay unnoticed and observe rather than join in the conversation. She can stay in a room for a long period time without being seen. Her black contour is very helpful in this way. She is able to sit quietly and do nothing for an extensive amount of time. She is also very patient more often than not. However one thing can snap her patience and that is bad music. Yui loves music in a way families love each other. And if someone “defies the beauty of true music”, well... The minimum damage will be you’re iPod broken.
  • “Without music life would be a mistake.”
    Yui is very musical. She plays the piano, flute, violin, drums, guitar and the bass guitar. She believes everything is made up of music. Even the silence. She does everything very rhythmically and gets very frustrated if her rhythm gets broken in any way. When she’s in battle, this can be a good thing because if she changes her rhythm, she is able to throw her opponent off her trail. However this can also be a bad thing as they will be able to predict her rhythm and throw her off balance.
  • “The past is dead. Tomorrow will become whatever decision you make it.”
    Yui lives in the moment. She believes life is all about today. Whatever decision we make today will decide our future. This is probably the biggest reason why people who get to know her, get so intimate and confidential with her. They realize that Yui will never judge them by their past but who they’ve become now. Yui never wonders about her past either. She considers that even if she has done something ghastly in her past, what she is now is the outcome of her decisions. So she wants to live everyday to the fullest and never look back.

Negative Traits
  • “We almost made it to thirty seconds without an insult. I think we set a new record.”
    Yui doesn’t speak much. But when she does, she’s typically very sarcastic. This is why people in general can’t get close to her. Only the people who can see the intuitive girl below the hard surface have the chance of getting to know her. Her sarcasm gets most people agitated. Especially her enemies. This is a good thing for Yui because when they are annoyed by her sarcastic/smart-ass comments in combat; they get reckless and careless, giving advantage to Yui.
  • “I am... stubborn, and I admit it, so it’s ok.”
    Yui doesn’t know when to give up. She is too stubborn in a way. She never considers other ways once she’s set on something. No one will be able to lead her the other way unless using force. But even then, she won’t go willingly. She’ll make a small disagreement into a full on combat because of her stubbornness.
  • “There are some things that sorry can’t fix.”
    Yui is not so easy to get forgiveness from. Because she believes everyone has a choice in what they do, which might not always be true. However because of her stubbornness and this, her forgiveness is rarely given. Yui doesn’t really mind small mistakes which can be fixed in a way or other but if you do something that will surely jeopardize your bond with her, she will consider it as a sign that you do not value your bond with her at all and would rather break it completely than try to thread the bond together, no matter what.
  • “Ahhhh the beauty of annihilation... There’s nothing like it.”
    Yui just loves the sensation of total destruction. Especially during a combat. She just feels so frivolous when the fight ends with a big bang –literally. The environment of the combat zone would be entirely destroyed with no trace of her challenger. This leaves the others thinking about her as a cold blooded delinquent. That and her cold aura intimidate mostly everyone and scare them away.
  • “Come in peace or leave in pieces.”
    Yui can be... Quite violent if you do not leave her alone. I advise you to not go near her when she clearly wants to be alone. Unless you want to get hurt, that is. She doesn’t mind people who come in peace. No harm at all. And to her, no harm includes not breaking the breathtakingly beautiful silence she enjoys so much. If you so much as whisper something when she’s in this mood... let’s just say you’ll be the centre of her annihilation. This can be quite daunting to those only wishing to cheer her up. The only problem with that is... that she just doesn’t care.
  • “Old enough to know better, pissed enough not to care.”
    Yui doesn’t care anymore. She doesn’t want to. She has been through as much as you can imagine in the last seven centuries. And because of her exterior, she was never able to get many friends. However those who had been able to see through that had become the greatest friends she could ever have hoped for and now she has grown to not care what others think. This gives her a unique personality that some loves but which others hate.

  • “You’re selfish and you’re cold, and I’m getting frostbite when I touch you.”
    Yui’s sarcasm doesn’t have a limit. Her smart-ass comments and razor-sharp wits are what attract others to her. Although this can also be a factor to repel outsiders from herself. But this is definitely a problem since she’s got an “attitude problem”. Or so, others say when they’ve seen her in battle. Apparently this seems to be worse when directed against an enemy.
  • Yui likes all kinds of music. She listens to music from English to Japanese. But what she mostly listens to is either K.Pop or J.Pop. Sometimes she’ll listen to some English pop but that’s really rare. She listens to Chinese songs to Spanish songs. There’s actually quite a variety of languages in her iPod that never ceases to amaze others.
  • Yui loves sweet things. She has a massive sweet tooth that never seems to be satisfied. She’s always got some kind of sweets within her reach. Whether it is chocolates or lollipops, she never runs out. This is the only thing that puts Yui in a good mood for no reason.

Physical Appearance:
  • Yui is 168cm tall and weighs 104lbs.
  • Yui has straight jet black hair which comes down to her calves with 2 purple streaks on the right side of her face. She ties her hair into a ponytail with a black ribbon which she keeps tied around her waist during battle. Her eyes are violet with a hint of turquoise which flashes when she’s amused.
  • Yui wears her Shinigami Uniform a bit altered. She has shortened the length of the skirt and now it reaches her mid-thigh. Although the sleeves are long and get wider at the hem. The sleeves are long enough to cover her hand but leave her fingertips in your view. However her whole Uniform hangs at her shoulders with no straps. Yui loves the gothic style and has a pale complexion which goes well with all her clothes. So she has enhanced herself with a gothic style lacy belt around her waist. She also loves her black leather gloves with little silver plates covering each knuckle. Her gothic obsession doesn’t end here. She has a black buckle choker and black kick-ass, buckle-up boots with which comes up to cover her knees.
    To go with her clothes, her eyes are always outlined with black eyeliner. In addition, she has earrings which look like little silver droplets. On her left earring, there’s a big silver cross hanging at the end. Also on her left ear, she has 3 piercings on the top part of her ear with studded silver crosses. And finally, the one and only item Yui will never go anywhere without. And that item is her iPod. However, this isn’t an ordinary iPod. Because there were no such things as iPods or mp3 players in her time, she had no way of listening to her music. When they were invented in the Human World, the mechanics wouldn’t work in Soul Society. So Yui had to take things into her own hands when she was in the Academy. She went to Fourth Division for help. They listened to what she wanted and tried their best to fulfill her wishes. After a couple of failures, they had made a music player which is fueled by her spiritual energy. Because there are no ways of getting music in the Soul Society, they made it channel into the Human World and play songs according to her mood. Every now and then, she goes to the Fourth Division to get it upgraded to the newest version they’ve come up with. She’s always got her black headphones on, also one of Fourth Division’s invention for her, or if she’s in battle, she’s got them around her neck, volume on full so that she would be able to keep listening to it. Although, she always listens to her music pretty loud so everyone can hear it all the time.
  • Yui’s Gigai has straight blonde hair down to her hips. It’s mostly tied to the left in a cute ponytail. Her hair has pink and purple highlights. Her eyes are a stunning turquoise color. Her Gigai is also 168cm tall and is lean.
    Yui still wears gothic/punk style clothes out of the Soul Society. She dresses in a black lace up strapless tank top with white frilly skirt which reaches mid-thigh. The skirt has a lace up part at the right side just like her top. Also you can’t forget her black kick-ass boots. However this one is a lace up one, not a buckle up one which reaches her thighs. As well as all this she is wearing a black ribbon and a white ribbon around her neck like a little choker. These ribbons have small crosses hanging at both ends. Her makeup is just like any other Goths. With her pasty white complexion, she wears blue or purple eye shadow with heavy mascara around her eyes. She also wears black or pink lip-gloss, depending on the color of her clothes most times. She has the same type of earrings on except there are silver crosses at the end of the droplets on both sides not just the left sides. And finally, her iPod in her pocket and headphones around her neck, which as you guessed, she never leaves behind. Yui's gigai also wears a plain black hoodie which comes to jst above her mid-thigh. She finds this an easy way to hide herface in a crowd.
  • When Yui uses Bankai, her appearance changes. Her hair grows so long it now reaches her mid-calve. Also the color of it changes to silver, glittering even in the dark. Her nails grow pointy, manicured black. Her clothing turns to a strapless black dress which splits from about her mid-thigh, showing her legs and boots. From just above her elbows to her knuckles is a black fingerless glove with gold plates lined in underneath the clothe just over her knuckles. Also, Yui's eyes turn to black from its original violet color, making it impossible to tell her iris apart. She also has on a choker which is basically a very long black ribbon with little silver crosses at each end, wrapped around her neck.

Human Life:Yui is from a very wealthy family in the early 14th century. Her real name is Chiara Valentina Astianatte. She grew up in a nice environment with loving parents. Yui’s parents haven’t been able to have children for a long time so Yui was their one and only blessing. They loved her like no other.

However they were strict in some certain ways. Yui wasn’t allowed anywhere near other people. This was simple enough because she was homeschooled by the best of teachers in her time. Her parents considered her education a very important part of her life even though she was a girl. Therefore they included Latin as a part of her learning. Yui couldn’t stand music. Her hearing was too sensitive to bear the various tones and sounds so her parents kept her from it as far as they could. Beyond doubt, this was a life anyone would dream for and Yui realized that. So she never took anything for granted, even her parents love. It was what you would call a truly happy family bonded with love.

Her father was the owner of the biggest Italian Merchant ship business. His ships transported the trade goods from China. So when the Black Death spread throughout China, it was a disaster for her father’s business. Everyone who worked for them had been infected. As soon as her parents knew, they sent her away against her will. They tried to get her out of Rome where they were living, and wanted to send her oversees. Away from all that was going on in Asia and Europe. However they were too late.

Yui’s parents had been in contact with some people who had been infected so they sent her away without even a farewell hug. Because of this Yui was so miserable. As the carriage carried her away from her parents, Yui’s heart was broken. She knew she has lost her parents right there as they cried their hearts out, holding on to each other. In that moment, she felt jealous of her parents. She wanted someone to hold onto as well. She was so lonely. Yui didn’t understand why her parents couldn’t understand that she would rather die with them than be miserable without them. Even though she understood her parents, it didn’t ease her heart in any way at all, knowing they loved her.

After a long trip from Rome to Reggio di Calabria, Yui was exhausted. While waiting for her vessel which was going to take her over the ditch and to Messina. And from there her journey ahead was to Corpus Christi. But that never happened. The night before her vessel was meant to leave port, Yui decided she wasn’t going to leave. She left that very night. She didn’t get far though. The cold night froze her already exhausted body. Her senses dulled, Yui barely managed to crawl into an alleyway. She leaned against the cold marble wall and just closed her eyes. All she wanted was to see her parents once again. As she started to drift off into the darkness, she could hear a faint sound of music. This was the first melody she’s heard in a long while. And she liked it. The soft melody, she thought with a smile, will surely haunt me forever.

And it does. The love for her music began then. Though Yui doesn’t remember her last moments as a human, this is where it all began. As the darkness consumed her in the cold, dark alleyway, the soft melody she heard, moments before she passed out, stayed with her. It made her feel protected and safe while she was being transferred to Soul Society. This is why Yui fares better when she’s in the presence of any form of music.

Rukongai:When Yui came to, she was in Rukongai. In district 80. Because of her lifestyle in the Human world, Yui wasn't physically ready for this. However, her personality hadn't changed and she survived. In the district full of violent criminals, she met a man. A man decent enough to take her in and teach her the ways of life in district 80. He took her into his little wooden cottage house in the outskirts of district 80. When he first saw her, he knew she had to be trained. Otherwise, she wouldn't have a chance of surviving in this part of Rukongai. So he began to train her. Because there was no way for her to satisfy her cravings for music during her training days, Yui would sing. She sang to herself while doing basically everything. Training, walking, playing, you name it.

In the first 300 years of her life in Soul Society, Yui learned to live without smiling. Without any laughter. With no feelings. With no name. But that changed when she was called to her father one day. Her father had called for her in middle of her training. She had been worried that she’d done something wrong that day. She was nervous but masked her emotion so that he wouldn’t be able to tell. She put her katana away into the shed and went round to the front of her house. There she found her father sitting on the porch. She could tell by his rigid stance that he was extremely nervous. She approached him slowly. When she was a meter away or so, he seemed to sense her there and looked up. When he saw her, he smiled and told her to sit beside him. She obeyed. They sat there like that for a couple of minutes in silence. Her father was worried about something. She knew because he kept rubbing his hands together and wiping them on his thigh. After what seemed like forever to her, he faced her and started speaking.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t given you a name till now. I wanted to give you a name that you will love. It hasn’t been easy, as you can tell, because I took... what is it? Over 300 years? Ah, yes. Almost 400 now, isn’t it.” He chuckled. “Well as I said, it was tough, deciding a name but I’ve got a perfect name for you now. It’s... Yui. Yui Kisho. I have become to know you and love you as if you’re my own daughter. I guess in a way you are. And I’ve come to realize you’re as stubborn as a bull. So I’ve named you Yui Kisho. It means ‘only one who knows his own mind’. I believe it’s the most suitable name for you. And... and I hope you like it.”

It was then that she realized she loved him as much as he loved her. In a way, he was her father. He always had been in her life right now. She got glimpses of her former life, a very luxurious one if she’d say so. But she wasn’t that innocent girl she caught glimpses of. She was tougher now. Able to lead her own life. And Yui liked it. She was free now.

Sneaking around her district, Yui squeezed herself into a small gap between two houses while humming a soft tune. The walls were smooth so it was easy to let her through to the other side. It wasn’t comfortable but it was faster so she always took this route. Halfway through, she heard a hushed but rushed conversation. Yui believed eavesdropping was wrong so she tried to hurry through. But when she heard her name, she came to an abrupt stop and the humming died off instantly. Screw stupid conscious. If it included her, she had a right to know.

She looked back to see the voices were coming from a small window in middle of the wall she was leaning against. It was located just above her head so she moved, as silently as she could, and positioned herself right below the slightly open window. She tilted her head and strained to hear what they were talking about. After a minute of listening in, she realized what they were planning to do. Her father had sworn to not harm anyone, even if his life was threatened. He wanted to leave his violent past behind and start a new one. A one with no retribution but one filled with happiness and hope. These men thought he was crazy. They loved their ways of “settling the score” and didn’t understand why her father was willing to leave that. Yui could tell from what they were saying that they’ve tried to convince her father to stop his ‘foolish ways’.

She drew in a harsh breath. She’d been aware of her father trying to change his ways lately but what she didn’t realize was that others of district 80 was against it. The men inside the room thought he was bringing reputation for their ruthlessness down. Therefore... he had to be eliminated. She had to stifle a gasp at the word. Yui’s breath caught at her throat. She had to get out of here. She held her breath and moved as fast as she could out of the gap, silently. When she got out, she ran as fast as she could back to her house to warn her father. When she got there, out of breath, no one was there.

Her tears which she’d been holding back while running threatened to pour out at any moment. She blinked the tears away and ran into her room. She was scared. She wasn’t prepared for the men yet. It was true that she was stronger than most men in her district but she couldn’t face more than a couple at a time. She leaned against the far corner of her room and sank down, curling herself into a ball. When she could feel moisture on her knees, she knew she was crying. Her head was aching from all the information it just absorbed. She couldn’t think straight. All she could do at the moment was to cry. And that’s what she did till there were no more tears left and she drifted off to the dark oblivion of her nightmares.

Yui came awake with a jolt the next morning. The voices outside had woken her from... what it was, she couldn’t remember anymore. She was tired and her body ached from sleeping in a crouched position. She heard her father’s voice outside. It seemed as if he was trying to calm someone down. Then it hit her. Her father was in danger and needed her. She marched straight towards her door till she spotted a bizarre looking katana out of the corner of her eye. She changed her route and headed for the katana. She picked it up and marveled at the lightness of the weapon. It was a double-sided katana with curvy blades. The blades looked unbelievably sharp. The whole thing was just pure black and it was so comfortable in her hands. She didn’t know where and who it was from but she had gotten it just when she needed it the most. She would just think of it as a gift from the Gods. She tightened her hand on the grip and slammed her door open.

The voices halted for a second as they were startled by the noise but when they saw it was only her, they took no notice. Her father had been backed into the wall of their small shed in their front garden. He didn’t look scared but rather frustrated. However it seemed as if there was zero chance of him fighting. She would help him keep the promise to himself. Even if her own life was at risk. She owed him her whole life. She surveyed the men who were confronting her father. Four of them looked like professionals. The one hanging at the back was scrawny and looked scared. She would spare him. Yui wasn’t a merciless killer. She judged then... killed if she deemed it necessary. But that was rare. She’d only killed half a dozen over the last 4 centuries and she refused to do it without good reason. Men threatening an innocent man, especially her father, were a good reason.

She picked up a stone from the ground and threw it as hard as she could at the dude who was about to raise his hand against her father. He turned around very slowly, dramatizing his actions and rubbed at his head. When he locked eyes with her, she smirked, letting him know it was her. His face contorted in anger and she thought he was going to rush at her for a second. But then he gained his composure and held his right hand up, his index and middle finger held up. After smirking at her, he pointed the fingers at her and the other four men began to advance towards her as if they were lions in pursuit. The scrawny man stood back, his eyes darting everywhere. When he locked gaze with her for just a second, the sudden realization that she’d missed hit her.

He was the leader. His obvious nervousness was just an act to hide the fact he’s the leader. She saw it when she looked into his eyes. Saw the unwavering hate. She didn’t see that in any other men. All she saw in the four men surrounding her were amusement. They were only doing this because they enjoyed it. She looked back at the scrawny man. She could now see the end of his mouth turned up slightly. When he noticed her looking, his expression changed completely. He wasn’t pretending no more. He grinned wide and looked so sinister that made her draw her breath in sharply. So this was his true self. But she’ll deal with him later. She had other things to worry about right now. Such things like... her and her father’s lives. And, of course, the four men, who were trying to back her into the wall just a meter or so behind her. But she wouldn’t move. She might let these four men live but she couldn’t let the head of this group go. Oh no. That wouldn’t do at all.

She smirked, enjoying the feeling of adrenaline kicking in. She wasn’t sure she would survive tonight, but at least she would’ve tried. Before she got serious in this battle, she needed to do one thing. Yui looked at her father from between the men’s heads and smiled. She mouthed him, ‘I love you father’. When he realized what she had mouthed him, she saw the tears gathering in his eyes. She had to tear her gaze away from his, to concentrate on the men, now about 10 meters or so away from her.

She surveyed the men. They were all wearing similar style clothes. A plain looking t-shirt with plain black tracksuit pants. They looked so dorky that she barely suppressed a laugh. But she couldn’t hide her grin. When the men’s face darkened with anger, her grin just got bigger. She was going to enjoy this while it lasted. Whether she was going down or not, she didn’t know, but she would try her best. No matter what happened. Now they had their katanas out, still approaching her steadily. She tightened her grip on her katana. She’d forgotten about it completely because it felt as if it always has been a part of her hand. Then all at once, they charged. Yui tried her best but she was nothing against 4 men attacking at her simultaneously.

After what seemed like a while, Yui was backed into a corner. This was all over. Her life would end and then her fathers. She wanted to weep. But she wouldn’t show her misery. That would only please them more. They had backed off a bit and were talking in a huddle, probably discussing how to kill her, she assumed. They were about 15 meters or so away and had left her leaning into the sharp corner of the thick stone fence behind her. It felt so cool that it was almost soothing. After what seemed like forever, the four men finally started to walk back to her. The scrawny dude looked so pleased with himself that made her want to punch him so bad. But she had no hope left and had lost sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. She felt a tear slide down her right cheek. She closed her eyes, not wanting to witness the act that will end her life. For forever this time, with no second chances.

I’m sorry, father. I have let you down.

Even though she couldn’t see, she could sense the end of her life drawing near. But she didn’t want to die like this. Her father would be killed after her. She had to try as much as she could. Until she wouldn’t be able move anymore. Just when she was about to open her eyes, she heard a voice.

I can help you.

The soft, melodic voice startled her and made her snap her eyes open. Strange. The men didn’t seem to hear that.

Who are you? She asked.

My name... is Kalliope. You, Yui Kisho, are a Shinigami.

Ok Kalliope. Please help me live. Help me live through this so my father won’t have to die.

She was desperate but she could feel the hope rising in her once again.

I will Yui. But first, release me first.

Before she had the chance to ask him how to release him, a phrase popped into her head. She grinned. She could feel Kalliope’s presence inside her and it was oddly calming.

“Tenshi no Uta, Kalliope.”

Shikai:An instant white light blindfolded her for a moment. When she could see again, her double sided katana was a stunning white bow which was as tall as her. However it was as if it weighed almost nothing. She twirled it around her fingers, making a big circle, in front of her. This particular bow had 7 strings and the outer edges gleamed intensely, confirming her suspicions about its sharpness. She stopped twirling it around and leveled it to the man closest to her. She wanted revenge and she would have it. As if she was playing a harp, she tweaked the string closest to her, just slightly. As soon as she let go, it sent a luminous red arrow, in the shape of a shooting star, shot out and hit the unsuspecting man right between his eyes.

She let out a cry of delight when he fell backwards and landed on the ground with a thump. The other three men started to back away while their leader was screaming at them to stand their ground. It was time to have her fun. She put her three fingers, each on different strings, and tweaked once again. She was tempted to jump up and down and scream a shout of victory. The arrows, still red, acted as if they had their own mind. No. It was more as if they knew where she wanted them to hit the opponent. The three arrows hit the men. It was a very direct shot to their temples. Four down. One left to go. She stalked towards the last one. He would face her retribution.

As she got nearer, he got her father in a headlock and tried to use him as a shield. She smirked at him. That wouldn’t work on her. She aimed straight at the two men and began to play a little tune on her bow. With each note, arrows darted out. At first, it seemed as if they were heading straight to her father’s heart. But at the last moment, they swerved around him and all the arrows embedded themselves into his heart from the back. He stood for a moment, as if he was unaffected by the attack. But after a few seconds passed, his eyes rolled back to show her the whites of his eyes and he fell and face planted straight into the ground. After waiting for a few moments to see if he moved, she let out a long breath when he didn’t. When it hit her that it was all over, she let out a harsh breath and sank to her knees. She was exhausted. She saw her father making his way towards her, but she was already slipping into the darkness. When she could barely see and felt herself falling sideways, she saw her father running as fast as he could towards her. Before he reached her, she blacked out.

Academy: After this confrontation, Yui was accepted into the Academy. She was good at mostly all of their lessons. However, she was an under achiever in Kudo, not really liking the whole concept. However the days went by with her not caring for a thing in the world.

Bankai: As the years passed by Yui was assigned to a mission. A mission no one would have guessed would've turned out this deadly. It had almost taken her life.

As she lay there, her energy slipping out of her reach, she looked up at the sky above her. No thought invading her mind. She had even forgotten about her zanpuakuto, gripped in one of her hands, even forgot about Kalliope until he spoke up, seemingly far away from her.

Yu... Yui. Use your bankai. Let your other fellows know your whereabouts. You've strayed too far away from the course that if you keep lying here, no one will find you with your spirit so low. Come on... I don't have much energy left in me either. You can do it Yui. I believe... in you.

Before she could reply, or even ask him about her bankai, she heard his voice fade away. As she opened her mouth, a piercing pain stabbed her in the stomach, making all the thoughts in her mind disappear. The pain was so blinding that she for got who she was. Forgot what she was. Forgot what she was doing there.

Then a random sentence came to her mind and all she could do was speak it aloud, not really sure why she had the urge to do so.

"Mors ultima linea rerum est"

She saw a black fog surround her as soon as those words were out of her mouth. The black fog soon vanished and she felt a bit of energy circulating within her. Lifting her right hand and noticing a black scythe in her hands, her past memories all flooded back to her. Realizing that she'd just unlocked her Bankai both amazed and stunned her. Still unable to move her body in a sitting motion, she lay there, not knowing what to do.

When another wave of pain hit her, she acted on instinct. Raising her scythe up with the very last of power she had left, she sliced the air above her not knowing what to expect. You could say she was surprised when it sent a ball of white bright energy up in to the sky.

All that happened next was a blur to Yui. She could hear footsteps running towards her location and hear voices. But they seemed so faraway. Unreachable.

When Yui opened her eyes, she was in her room, staring up at her ceiling. She sat up, leaning on her bed and gritted her teeth together when the pain hit her. Noticing the bandage around her and the waves of nausea that hit her, she guessed she was still alive.

That was when Yui decided it was time for a change. She couldn't even protect herself. She wouldn't be able to protect those dear to her. Making a promise to herself there and then, Yui worked hard.

Now: She worked hard. Hard enough that she had just been appointed the captain of 7th Division.

Inner world appearance: Yui's inner world is the top of an abandoned castle. The surroundings are dark, always covered with smoke. The top is flat, and has weird twisty vine looking objects spiraling upwards.
Inner World:


Name: Kalliope
Zanpakutō spirit:
Kalliope is completely opposite of Yui. He's never sarcastic and is always dead sincere. That would be considered a good thing if he wasn't so completely honest. The only thing Kalliope and Yui seem to have in common is their love for music. And their taste for gothic clothes. Kalliope has dark, unruly hair and wears black clothing almost always. His main type of instrument is his violin which he carries around with him everywhere. Yui would describe his voice as melodic and she loves to listen to him talk.
Sealed form: Kalliope in sealed form is a double sided katana
Double Sided Katana:
<~~ like this. The blades are curved outwards to do more damage to the opponent. The blades are shaped like crescents except it is less rounded. Inside this ~~>
Blades like this:
The whole katana is pure black which blends into the night. The round rings on either sides of the handle have an old Latin phrase carved on them. The phrase is ‘Vivere commune est, sed non commune mereri' which translates to 'Everybody lives; not everybody deserves to.'
Shikai: Yui's Shikai is a bass guitar. It is undoubtedly a gothic styled bass. The whole bass is black in color with the pointy bits and paved in places all smooth and shiny.
Call out phrase: Release Phrase is “Tenshi no Uta”
Any abilities/techniques:
    Ability : Yui’s attacks with sound with her Shikai. She sends sonic vibrations by shooting arrows of sound from playing her bass guitar. She can send multiple waves at the same time. Also she can play a tune on her bass as if she was doing no more than playing a simple tune. However, this will also be an attack against her opponents. The can be seen by the opponent as it is colored by either the mood of the tune or sometimes her own mood. The bass also has the ability to mute limited areas which can be useful when she’s against more than one opponent.

Tech 1{Novacula Ventus}:
Tech 2{Nec Potest Ad Animadverto}:
Tech 3{Consectetur Aliquam}:
Tech 4{Quassatione Beneficium Emissis}:

Shikai at the back and Bankai at the front:
Bankai ~ Approved Tryout Sample

Bankai Release Phrase:Mors ultima linea rerum est
Bankai description: Is a black scythe which is transformed from the Shikai.
Any abilities/techniques:
    Ability:Yui's Bankai uses electricity manipulation, which is the ability to control or manipulate electricity and lightning. Yui is able to alter the movement of electrons, allowing them almost any electricity based power.

Tech 1{Pyrotechnic Amet}:
Tech 2{Fulminis Proiectio}:
Tech 3{Aliquam Lignum Beneficium Emissis}:
Tech 4{Nigrum Fulminis}:


Rank ~ A
Hoho (speed) ~ 6
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) ~ 6
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) ~ 7
Kido (Way of the spirit) ~ 4
Hakudo (Physical combat) ~ 6
Hankou (Resistance) ~ 6
Points awarded: 35
Total points: 35

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PostSubject: Re: Yui Kisho {7th Squad Captain} Finished   Yui Kisho {7th Squad Captain} Finished Icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 5:03 pm

So just wondering, I know it says WIP, but the profile looks done, so is it done and ready for inspection?

Yui Kisho {7th Squad Captain} Finished Unlimi10
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Yui Kisho
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Nope. I'll just add my back ground. And some other information :3.
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Yui Kisho
Yui Kisho

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Ok. Finished x3.
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Don't forget to make your squad barracks and captain's office in the Soul Society. ^_^

I got things to do, and things to see
Might even have to leave you be
But till that time, let’s give our all
And don’t look back, until you fall

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Yui Kisho {7th Squad Captain} Finished
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